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Contemporary vintage

When the emotion of an instant is transformed into a message, BB PolArt® is born

  • Say it with style

  • Organic cotton T-shirt
  • Warm cotton sweatshirt with printed hood

  • We create unique outfits with customization

Say it with style

Organic cotton T-shirt Choose your T-shirt

Warm cotton sweatshirt with printed hood

We create unique outfits with customization Choose your sweatshirt

A modern proposal in vintage style

BBPolArt® fresh and vintage simplicity in the art of innovation, a brand that emerges for its audacity in intertwining past and present, youth and nostalgia. The idea of ​​using a format similar to that of old Polaroids to create unique gift cards and furnishing accessories marked the beginning of a fascinating adventure. A bold step has been taken in the creation of organic cotton t-shirts, where the original idea of ​​a photographic shot blends harmoniously with the addition of text, recalling the aesthetics of vintage photos embellished with annotations in the margin. T-shirts are not just objects of style, but they bring with them a deep commitment to protecting the environment and recycling the materials used. This attention to sustainability translates into clothing that not only tells a story, but also does so in harmony with our planet. 2023 was a special year for BBPolArt®, as it had the opportunity to participate as a sponsor during the prestigious Starlight award of the Venice Film Festival. This event represents not only a recognition for the art of creating, but also a new chapter in our history that continues to evolve and surprise. The art of innovation finds its expression in unique objects, such as organic cotton t-shirts, which speak of style, personalized sweatshirts in warm cotton, personalized objects such as messages in bottles with reused glass materials or frames in shabby chic with twine weaves. Everything always with an eye on sustainability.

Cards printed on photographic paper complete with envelope and clip.

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BBPolArt® creative atelier is located in via Sant'Eufemia 80/A in Modena

Our products are born in this place. It is possible to personalize your idea with a consultation in the atelier, by email or by telephone. Look for me in the Contacts section.

In the atelier we have a proposal of our organic cotton t-shirts.

NEW winter '23/24 sweatshirts!