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Who I am

Barbara Baldini

I am fascinated by art and photography.

From this passion was born the idea of ​​using a "polaroid-type" format to create unique gift cards and furnishing accessories.

A project inspired by the desire to create something that in its simplicity evokes the freshness of youth but with a vintage aftertaste that does not forget the past.

BB PolArt®

Simple, modern and at the same time a little retro. Refined, attentive to detail, direct but with veiled messages that arrive at a later time.
People, situations, objects arranged in a certain way speak to you through non-verbal messages, they communicate an energy that only intuition and sensitivity perceive.

Here... I listen to them and try to translate them by searching for thoughts, images, colors and adapting them to a small pocket format within everyone's reach.

It's called BB PolArt® - Instant Emotions -